Ufen, Andreas

Andreas Ufen is an adjunct professor at the University in Hamburg and a Senior Research Fellow at the GIGA Institute of Asian Studies in Hamburg, Germany. His main interests are democratization, political Islam, political parties and elections in Southeast Asia. He has published edited volumes on “Democratization in Post-Suharto Indonesia” (together with M. Bünte) and on “Party Politics in Southeast Asia” (together with D. Tomsa), as well as articles in refereed journals such as Democratization, Pacific Review, Asian Survey, Critical Asian Studies, and Contemporary Politics.

Summary of Project:

Populism in Southeast Asia

© Maks Stirlitz (CC BY-SA 3.0)

© Maks Stirlitz (CC BY-SA 3.0)

One of the foci of WP3 is the analysis of liberal and illiberal ideas and their role in legitimating the state and political actors. This can be connected to recent developments in Southeast Asia, i.e. the surprising rise of political leaders and movements that employ populist strategies. These new forms of political mobilization are global phenomena, and the surge of Trumpism in the US and of nationalist populism in Asia and Europe, but also of leftist populist politicians in Latin America signify major shifts with reference to economic globalization, the role of political parties, the decline of “classical” ideologies, the politicization of religion, and the emergence of “civilizationalism”. It is still questionable how Southeast Asian countries are affected by these developments and whether there are characteristic forms of populism.

Therefore, this research project asks whether the specific notions of “the pure people”, “the corrupt elite”, of “thin ideologies”, etc. are relevant for a discussion of the subject in Southeast Asia. Moreover, this project seeks to investigate the causes and effects of the rise of populist leaders, ideologies and mobilization strategies in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand.

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